14 March 2011

Ikhlas untuk si Havoc.

Hye Haffis, I felt really bad for what happened lately between us. The problem between us both is that we both were trying to protect our love. But in different ways. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hiding all my post from you and remove you from my blog follower also because of the same reason above. Obviously, I act like a immature powerpuff girl. 

Deep bottom from my liver, I really don't mean to make you feel like want to hit me with your motorbike. After all, I feel like swimming in honey and jumping in feathers before start dancing in front of everyone. Yes, I really don't mean it.

Honestly, I do knew it's really hard for you. And I saw the same 'hard' situation in front of my eyes that happens on her.

 I'll always pray the fates will be kind to both of you. Seriously, I do.

I'd like to apologize for ruining our bond and I hope we could forget the past and move on.
Please accept my apology or I'll stab myself with spoon.

p/s : Thank you vely vely much for the cake. Next time a chocolate indulgence for me please.

O rama Wani..


Iwan Harianto B Mohd Saad said...

saya tekan "like!".. ;D
stap wif a spoon ea? xD

Hazwani said...

Serious ikhlas neh. -_-"

Henry Zackery said...

nice entry :)
xde button follow ke ?? T___T

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Hazwani said...

Henry : Thank you. Ada. Atas sekali belah kiri. Btw, i like ur blog Henry. =)

N.A.B. said...

wah wah.....apesal gamba Haffis aku dok sebelah kau? ade hati nk rampas ke?

Hazwani said...

Qis : Hati xde lar. Tp ada hempedu nak rampas.