08 March 2012

Soalan saya untuk dia #2.

42 Questions to ask your boyfriend.

11) If you were a teacher, which subject would you teach?
His answer : Biology, everything that you can learn in live can be learnt by observing god's creation.

12) If you could invite only ten people to a party, who would they be?
His answer : My girlfren, her friends, and my old matrix mate.

13) If you could become any fictional character, who would it be?
His answer : No desire to live in a fictional character, altho neo from matrix does sound exciting.

14) If you could be any animal, which one would it be?
His answer : Octopus, due to its octo-camo.

15) What's your favorite thing that you do to relax?
His answer : Play computer games, sleep.

16) What is your dream vacation like?
His answer : Just the soft white sand, clear blue ocean and cool salty air at the beach...

17) When you were a kid, who was your best friend?
His answer : My comic books, i was a very nerdy boy.

18) Given a chance, what award would you most like to win?
His answer : Strangely none comes to mind.

19) What do you wish you had more time in your life to do?
His answer : Learning & Loving.

20) If I had to move away for a job or school, would you carry on a long-distance relationship with me?
His answer : Sure, why not.

21) What kinds of things do you tell your friends about me?
His answer : Gf aku best gilee.



EZAN IDMA said...

jawpn last skali tu oh dem sweet!

Hazwani said...

Ezan Idma : Hohoh..