20 March 2012

Soalan saya untuk dia #3.

22) If I got in an accident and it destroyed my face, would you still love me? 
His answer : If it doesn't change your heart, your still the same.

23) What is the craziest thing that you would do for me?
His answer : Skip work and date with you. Hehe..

24) Do you think that women have stronger emotions than men?
His answer : Yes.

25) What was your most embarrassing moment?
His answer : Erm, nothing comes to mind now.

26) What did your ex-girlfriends do that drove you crazy?
His answer : Ignores me.

27) What have been the deal-breakers for you in a relationship? 
His answer : Stop trusting in each other.

28) What is the best way for me to know when you need time alone?
His answer : When I'm all quiet, and a hug doesnt makes me smile, then I
probably need some time to think.

29) What kind of father do you think you'd make?
His answer : No idea, hopefully as good as my dad.

30) How should a man and a woman handle the money factor in a relationship?
His answer : Sharing, thinking and deciding with each other about family
financial together.

31) What do you think you will have accomplished by the time you turn 60?
His answer : A family of my own.

32) What is the most beautiful gift that you have ever received?
His answer : Nothing comes to my mind yet. I treasure most gift given to me.

33) If I discover you lying to me, what will be your reaction?
 His answer : I don't know... I guess saying sorry and never repeating it again.

34) What can you cook for me? 
His answer : Anything that uses microwave.


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